I am Xinyi, a third-year master student in Computer Science and Technology (expected graduation in 2023 Summer), Xiamen University, very fortunately supervised by Dr. Yang Lu.

Research Interests

  • Federated Learning with Imperfect Data
    • Heterogeneous Data
    • Long-tailed Data
    • Unlabeled Data


Recent News

  • Sep 29 2022: I get the China National Scholarship.
  • Apr 21 2022: One IJCAI paper “Federated Learning on Heterogeneous and Long-Tailed Data via Classifier Re-Training with Federated Features” is accepted.
  • Mar 6 2022: One ICME paper “FEDIC: Federated Learning on Non-IID and Long-Tailed Data via Calibrated Distillation” is accepted as oral paper.

Academic Service

  • Invited Reviewers: TNNLS.
  • Help for Review: NeurIPS2022, AAAI2023.